As a freelancer, at times you can completely lose focus and find it hard to get back to focusing on work altogether. This is an excellent article that offers five tips to help you realign.

1. Take regular vacation time

A recent poll by NPR shows that roughly 50% of Americans who work 50 hours a week do not take all of their vacation time or even a large portion of it. Plan vacations on a regular basis. If you returned from a trip and realized you need to escape more often, start planning another vacation or weekend getaway. This way you know you have something in the near future to look forward to and you will have a big incentive to get all of your work done.


2. Try to network in fun atmospheres

Maybe you have to find a way to mix business and pleasure or just have more fun when it comes to anything work-related. Attend meetups, networking events or fundraisers that allow you to socialize with professionals while still incorporating an element of fun. Many co-working spaces invite members to events or some conferences even host karaoke to keep things light and fun. Look into ones that aren’t so serious or boring.

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