Freelancing from home is an excellent career choice. However, not everyone understands what goes into actually freelancing from home. This is a great article that that details a few things to understand before getting started.

1. I Don’t Always Have Time to Drop Everything

Because I work from home, there is sometimes the assumption that I can drop everything and go to lunch or engage in some other activity. When my son was in elementary school, room parents assumed I could just abandon everyone and help plan a party.

Those who work from home know that deadlines need to be met if food is going to make it to the table. I try to be flexible, but I’m not always available.

2. This is a Business

Freelancing from home is a legit business for many of us. Just because we don’t have storefronts or employ a lot of people doesn’t mean that we’re not running businesses. Many of us have goals, business plans, and present ourselves professionally. It’s true that I spend some of my day working in my pajamas, but if there’s a video meeting, I put on appropriate attire and come ready to work.

3. You Aren’t Getting Something Super Cheap

Just because I work from home as a freelancer doesn’t mean that I cheap out on my prices. In fact, you might have to pay more for my work, depending on how much other work I have, and what you want done. Yes, my overhead is low. But I’m also a professional running a business. Trying to talk me down to a super cheap rate probably isn’t going to work.

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