As a freelancer you must protect yourself from the hoards of information that you consume on a daily basis to retain a positive mindset. This is a great article that centers around four truths freelancers need to hear for successful audience building.

Quality matters just as much as quantity.

If you’ve dug into the world of audience building, you’ve probably come across a billion online entrepreneurs who instruct you to build a big email list. While building a big list is helpful, it’s just as helpful to build a quality list. Many online gurus ignore that a quality list is just as powerful as a large list.

Here’s my only caveat to that: for your small list to be profitable, it needs to be highly targeted. If your list is full of people interested in a broad topic like online business, then it’s smarter to have a larger list. But if you list is full of people who are interested in using a certain business tool, that might be specific enough for you to gain high profits off a small list.

All this to say: don’t ignore the power of a small list.

If you feel that growing a large list is hopeless, find encouragement in the fact that you don’t need to have a large list to have a sustainable business.

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