This is an excellent article that explains the top SIX reasons why American professionals are freelancing on the side while working full-time.

The number of writers, designers, marketers, financial analysts and other professionals who freelance on the side of their day jobs, is sharply on the rise in America.

In fact, the number of professionals that freelance while working full-time in our top professional industries has more than doubled in the past five years. Beyond just that, the number of people freelancing on the side of their day jobs is growing more than three times faster than the number of full-time freelancers and over six times faster than non-freelancers entering the professional workforce on LinkedIn.

Given the substantially higher growth in the number of professionals freelancing while keeping their full-time jobs compared to other LinkedIn members, we wanted to take a closer into why exactly so many of our members are freelancing in their limited free time outside of work.

Reason the top 6 reasons why here: PROFINDER