Are you a freelancer that is struggling with finding time for your business? This is an excellent article that highlights a few great tips on how you can find time for your business no matter how demanding your job is.

Make time.

If you’re having difficulty in trying to find time for your business you must remember that people make time for the things they really want. I’ve coached aspiring business owners with day jobs who get up at 4:30am to get their work done first before heading to their office. I’ve seen people work late nights and weekends. I’ve seen people give up a lot of stuff now so they can reap the rewards later.

While I never did the 4:30am thing (I’m really not a morning person), I did work nights and weekends. I passed on a lot of social events and prioritized my work over going out. Fast forward a few years and I see how it all paid off.

Additionally, sometimes I’d get stuff done during my lunch hour. I’ll never forget the time I did an interview for The Huffington Post while on my lunch break at the office. It was the only way I could do it, and you bet I made it work.

The common theme I’ve seen is if you really want it, then you’ll find the time for your business even if it’s hard.

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