Believe It or not freelancers can scale their business. If your services are in demand it may be time to expand. This is an excellent article that lends valuable insight when it comes to hiring or subcontracting help for your business.

  1. Test the waters when getting help

When your services are in demand, it can be hard to scale your business. One person can only do so much and there are only so many hours in the day. If you’re leery about hiring help or if you had a bad experience in the past, consider trying again. You might have to test out a few people before you find a good fit. It can be discouraging if the first person you hire isn’t what you were looking for but don’t give up. Hiring help is essential to growing your business. If you’re hesitant, start slowly. Try someone out for a few hours a week with small tasks or give them a short term project. See what they are like to work with and see how well they do the job. This way you can see what it’s like before fully committing to giving them more responsibility. Start by writing down 5 tasks to outsource, so you have a place to start.

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