August 2016

When Freelance Creativity Calls: Don’t be Afraid to Step Outside the Box

This is an excellent article that provides great intel on how to maintain your creativity levels as a freelancer. FIND A WAY TO PRIORITIZE CREATIVITY IN A WAY THAT FITS YOU. Set aside a time and place to create and… Continue Reading →

How to Cold Call Your Way to New Freelance Business

In the age of social media, many have forgotten how to cold call to hook-in new leads and acquire new business. This is an excellent article that covers how to add cold calling to your sales funnel. Realize you’re not… Continue Reading →

3 Surefire Signs a Freelance Client Is Taking Advantage of You

There are times as a freelancer when you may get the feeling that client may be attempting to taking advantage of you. This is an excellent article that explains how to tell ahead of time so you can nip it… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Find Time For Your Freelance Business When You Still Have a Job

Are you a freelancer that is struggling with finding time for your business? This is an excellent article that highlights a few great tips on how you can find time for your business no matter how demanding your job is…. Continue Reading →

7 Ways Freelancers Can Take Their Content Marketing to the Next Level

Are you a freelancer that’s stumped on how to improve your content marketing to gain better conversions? This is an excellent article that shows you how to improve your content and take it to the next level. · Post Consistently Start… Continue Reading →

6 Low-Pressure Places to Find Freelance Clients in Real Life

This is an excellent article that features six places to find clients in your day-to-day life, low pressure style 😉 · PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION No one wants to be that guy on a train or airplane who can’t take a hint… Continue Reading →

How to Make New Friends When You Freelance from Home

It can be extremely difficult to make new friends and network when you work from home. This is an excellent article that covers some of the ways freelancers can make new friends who ‘get’ what they do for a living…. Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Practice Self-Care As a Freelancer

Self-care as a full-time freelancer is a difficult thing to master. This is an excellent article that provides great tips to help you prioritize self-care and to help you start to see it as in investment. Realize it’s okay to… Continue Reading →

Should You Offer Refunds to Freelance Customers?

This is an excellent article to peruse if you’ve ever been in a predicament where the topic of issuing a refund to one of your freelance has come up. If you give back the money, can the customer give back… Continue Reading →

Are You Familiar With The Freelancer’s Secret Weapon?

Did you know that the freelancer’s secret weapon is a… (wait for it) planner. Yes, using a simple planner can be one of the most effective weapons in your freelance arsenal. Don’t take my word for it, check out this… Continue Reading →

5 Things More People Should Know About Freelancing From Home

Freelancing from home is an excellent career choice. However, not everyone understands what goes into actually freelancing from home. This is a great article that that details a few things to understand before getting started. 1. I Don’t Always Have Time… Continue Reading →

331,941 American Professionals Freelance on The Side While Working Full-Time

This is an excellent article that explains the top SIX reasons why American professionals are freelancing on the side while working full-time. The number of writers, designers, marketers, financial analysts and other professionals who freelance on the side of their… Continue Reading →

How to Position Your Freelance Business (and yourself) For Success

  This is an excellent article that offers great tips on positioning yourself and aligning your freelance business for success. Seeing opportunity There are things that interest you. There are things that every time you run up against them, you… Continue Reading →

How to Regularly Convince Freelance Clients to Triple Their Project Budgets

  This is an excellent article that helps freelancers form a strategic plan to command higher fees while convincing clients to pay more by recognizing your own value as a freelancer. Getting Inside the Client’s Head: How Your Intake Process Influences Your… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Get Freelancers Back on Track When You Don’t Feel Like Working

As a freelancer, at times you can completely lose focus and find it hard to get back to focusing on work altogether. This is an excellent article that offers five tips to help you realign. 1. Take regular vacation time A… Continue Reading →

6 Types of Blog Posts to Attract More Freelance Clients

This is an excellent article that teaches freelance service providers six types of blog post to create that will gain the attention of your target client and force them t reach out to you. Want to know how I got… Continue Reading →

Finding the Highest Paying Freelance Gigs, Where do You Look?

Are you on the hunt for the highest paying freelance gigs? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Today we are featuring an excellent article that explains how to become a bit more pickier when it comes to looking for… Continue Reading →

What to Do When a Freelance Client Wants to Negotiate

This is an excellent article that offers four valuable tips to use should you find yourself in a tug-of-war match with a negotiating freelance client. 1. Remember that if you use a sliding scale, that your value also needs to… Continue Reading →

How Sleep “Hygeine” Can Transform Your Freelance Productivity

This is an excellent article that explains how sleep plays a very important part in your freelance productivity. As freelancers and entrepreneurs, most of us probably don’t have to set our alarm clocks for a 9-to-5 schedule. While this is an… Continue Reading →

How I Scored a Freelancing Gig on Instagram 

Instagram is an awesome social media platform with tons of eyeballs and great engagement. This article cover four strategies you can use to land freelance gigs using Instagram. Post content that establishes your expertise. Before taking Instagram more seriously, I pretty… Continue Reading →

How to Work Through a Freelance Dry Spell 

  Dry spells can be tough when working as a freelancer. This is an excellent article that helps you make the most of your time when working through a freelance dry spell. Start by Anticipating the Seasonal Low Points Once… Continue Reading →

How to Utilize Social Media to Find Your Next Freelance Gig

Are you looking for your next freelance gig or opportunity and don’t know where to look? This is an excellent article that shows you how to tweak your existing social media accounts so you can make the most out of… Continue Reading →

3 Tips for Hiring Help When Your Freelance Services are in Demand

Believe It or not freelancers can scale their business. If your services are in demand it may be time to expand. This is an excellent article that lends valuable insight when it comes to hiring or subcontracting help for your business…. Continue Reading →

Don’t Freak Out! What to Do if You Feel Freelance Burnout Approaching

  If you’re a freelancer, odds are you are working hard as we speak. If you’re starting to feel the burnout coming – no need to worry this article offers a few great ways to avoid it altogether. Think Big… Continue Reading →

7 Essential Productivity Apps for Freelancers to Keep You Focused on What Really Matters

As a freelancer, for your business to flourish, you must stay focused on the right things. This is an excellent article that points you in the right direction of focus with seven productivity apps that can help drive your productivity… Continue Reading →

3 Easy Ways to Find Your First Gig as a Freelancer

Thinking of becoming a freelancer? Awesome, you’re in luck. This article features 3 simple ways to find your first freelance gig and get the ball rolling. Over one third of the American workforce is freelancing, and more freelancers are starting… Continue Reading →

Why Other Freelancers (yes even in your niche) are NOT Your Competition

This is an excellent article that helps you to understand that other freelancers are not your competition – in fact we should embrace each other in comradery. I used to be afraid to go to other designer and consultant websites. Terrified… Continue Reading →

How to Promote Your Freelance Business Like a Pro

This is an excellent article that introduces freelancers to the idea of setting up a funnel to help you ‘promote like a pro’. Take a peek it’s worth the read! Setting up your marketing funnel You’re about to be pleasantly surprised… Continue Reading →

7 Simple Ways to Automate Freelance Client Management

For freelancers time literally equals money, for the most part. This is an excellent article that highlights seven great ways to better streamline your freelance client management tasks. Take clients through onboarding So we’ve talked preparing yourself for new work. We’ve… Continue Reading →

4 Truths Freelancers Need to Hear to Build an Audience Online

As a freelancer you must protect yourself from the hoards of information that you consume on a daily basis to retain a positive mindset. This is a great article that centers around four truths freelancers need to hear for successful audience… Continue Reading →

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