July 2016

Get More Work From Your Current Freelance Clients With These 3 Simple Steps 

  If you are looking to increase your freelance revenue the first place to look is often your current clients. This is a great article that will help you think outside the box when it comes to viewing yourself as… Continue Reading →

7 Proven Ways to Get Freelance Clients 

  Attracting new freelance clients is not as tricky as it appears to be. Truth is, it’s fairly easy to obtain freelance clients when you learn to incorporate different methods into your efforts. This is a great article that teaches… Continue Reading →

Dealing With the Freelance Income Roller Coaster

  Do you struggle with managing your finances due to the freelance income roller coaster? If so, you’re in luck! This is a great article that features a few easy tips to help you manage your freelance variable income. Get clear on… Continue Reading →

Tips for Creating an Inspiring Freelance Home Office

  This is an excellent article that features five easy tips that will help you enhance your experience as a freelancer by optimizing your workplace. When you tell someone you’re a freelancer working from home, they may picture you starting… Continue Reading →

How to Command Higher Rates as a Freelancer

  Do you ever wonder why some freelancers get paid much more that others? This is an excellent article that highlights three things you can do immediately to command higher rates for your work. Step 1: Be unapologetic about your… Continue Reading →

5 Smart Things To Do When Your Freelance Blog Post Goes Viral

  A great number of freelancers create content on their respective blogs for daily consumption. In most cases the purpose for this blog content is to educate potential clients as well as aligning yourself as an industry authority.  This is an excellent… Continue Reading →

3 Important Things to do AFTER You’ve Landed a New Freelance Client

  Congratulations on landing a new client! Now what? This is an excellent article that covers three important steps that will help your projects run smoothly without any issues. Okay, first things first. The client has said yes and you’ve… Continue Reading →

The Best Ways to Create More Time for Your Freelance Business –

  What’s one thing every freelancer could use more of? If you said time you are correct! This is a wonderful article that teaches you six ways to create more time for your freelance business by developing systems that will… Continue Reading →

Your First 3 Months of Freelancing: a Checklist + What You Need to Know 

  If you’re just getting started as a freelancer there’s tons of information to process early on. This is an excellent article that offers valuable insight as well as a handy little checklist to get you going. There is a… Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Let People Pick Your Brain + How to Turn Them Into Freelance Clients

  If you’ve frequently heard the phrase “let me pick your brain” then this article is for you. This is an excellent read that explains why you shouldn’t let that happen and gives you two strategies  you can use to… Continue Reading →

How to Set Up a Budget to Avoid Disaster in Your Freelance Business

  Running a freelance business can be uber tricky,although it doesn’t need to be. This is an excellent article that will take you through the steps of setting up a budget that will actually work for you. In order to… Continue Reading →

13 Daily Activities That Will Double the Size of Your Freelancer Brand in 6 Months (or Less)

  How is your personal ‘freelance’ brand doing? This is an excellent article that will not only help you answer this question but will expose you to thirteen daily activities that will help you increase your brand STAT. Do you open your… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should Always Have a Contract – Even For Small Jobs

  I can’t say enough about how wonderful this article is! When it comes to always using contracts for your freelance projects. Check it out now if you want to save yourself a serious headache later As creative freelancers and business… Continue Reading →

Freelancers Can Learn These Lessons From the Movie Finding Dory 

  Whether or not Finding Dory is on your list to see, there are many life lessons woven into the story that freelancers can learn from. This is an excellent article that covers three solid lessons that you can use… Continue Reading →

5 Scary Thoughts Freelancers Have (And How to Banish Them)

  This is a great article that covers five scary thoughts we all have as freelancers (at one point or another) and more important what to do to banish those thoughts for good. The character of Boba Fett from Star… Continue Reading →

An Intelligent Way for Freelancers to Sell More of Anything

  This is a great article with sales tips that any freelancer will find useful to catapult your business Anyone can take money from a customer, of course some stores are even replacing people with automated machines for this task, but… Continue Reading →

6 Books Every Freelancer Must Read

  This is a great article that introduces you to six books all freelancers should consider reading to level-up your freelance life. If you want to start a business, there’s simply no excuse to be clueless anymore. Being the leader of… Continue Reading →

3 Smart Schedules to Help You Take Control of Your Freelance Life

  This is an excellent article that will help you take control of your freelance life by simply tweaking your schedule. I’m guessing you’ve daydreamed more than once about closing your laptop on a Tuesday afternoon because it’s a great… Continue Reading →

Freelancers Should Avoid Thinking Hourly

  This is an excellent article that explains the benefits of budgeting your time and clock hours differently than a typical day wage job. Before I started freelancing, I worked a 9-5. I jokingly referred to myself as a wage… Continue Reading →

How to Have Freelance Clients Pursue You

  This is an excellent article that shows you how to have freelance clients run after you – instead of always having to chase them. Build a brand around yourself. As a freelancer, you’re getting hired because it’s you. It’s your… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Building Your Freelance Reputation

  As a freelancer, one the best ways to get high quality, higher-paying gigs is to have a great reputation. This is an excellent article that gives you some good tips for building a great reputation as a freelancer. There’s… Continue Reading →

4 Daily Tasks to Prioritize When Starting a Freelance Business

  So, you’ve started your freelance business and are not sure what tasks to focus on? Got it, you’re in luck. Today we’re featuring an excellent article that walks you through the steps of four daily tasks and includes a… Continue Reading →

How to Conduct a Mid-Year Freelance Business Review

  Welcome to July! It’s the half way point in the year, a time when most businesses take stock and assess their progress of the last six months. This is an excellent article that offers valuable insight on how to… Continue Reading →

Three Ways to Handle Losing an Important Freelance Client

  Feeling the sting from losing an important freelance client? Try to keep in mind the importance of maintaining connections. This is an excellent article that offers three tips to stay in your clients good graces and helps you to remain… Continue Reading →

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