Is your freelance work taking over your life?  Don’t get me wrong being a freelancer comes with great perks! This is an excellent article that offers tips to prevent allowing work to get in the way of your relationships and health.

Are Your Relationships Suffering?

Don’t let your relationships suffer because you can’t stop working. Sometimes the people in your life need your attention. Your kids will remember that you never had time for them — and they might resent you for it later. Working all the time can strain relationships with friends, family, and partners.

I know that I sometimes have to work hard at putting the work away. It’s always there as a freelancer, but sometimes I need to close the laptop and talk to my mom for half an hour or go to lunch with my dad. I always try to put the work away when my son is home from school so we talk about his day, work on homework, and practice fencing. We usually make dinner together as well. It’s important to be present for the people in your life.

It’s important to be present for the people in your life. The money you make by spending all your time on your business or freelancing can’t replace the people in your life and the memories you haven’t made.

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