Believe it or not your elevator pitch is a very important part of your freelance networking and describing your value to potential clients. This is a great article that helps you create a elevator pitch that sets you apart.

It sounds like it should be pretty easy. Just come up with two or three sentences that encapsulate what you’re all about. Unfortunately, once you start, you realize that it’s not always easy to narrow it down to something that’s simple to explain on a 30-second elevator ride.

If you’re having trouble creating an elevator pitch, here are some tips that can help you get through the process:

What Do You Do?

Really think about what you do. What value do you provide? Describing what you do can be one of the hardest things to narrow down for your elevator pitch. This is because we’re used to explaining things at length. I used to tell people

I used to tell people that I’m a blogger. Even though blogs have become more widespread and mainstream, there are still plenty of people who don’t understand what that means. Now I tell them what I do with a little more precision:

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