Being  a freelancer can get overwhelming, hard, and lonely at times. This is an excellent article that guides you on how to support yourself and retain your momentum by becoming your own cheerleader.

So how do we become our own cheerleaders?

As a young creative entrepreneur growing up in a middle eastern, first-generation family in the States, all eyes were on me to set a good example for myself and my family name. Being the oldest of three siblings meant that they most definitely looked to me for guidance.

We were becoming a slowly modernized American family—blending middle eastern roots and American traditions quite nicely. Yet, there was one thing about me that my family always overlooked and never really took the time to understand: the creative entrepreneur in me.

Of course my family loved me, but they never understood what it was I did for a living.

If asked, my mom would say, “She makes websites.”
I always shook on her sleeve when I would hear her say it in front of me and say, “No, I own my own web development business.”
To which she would shrug and continue her phone conversation.

Trying to explain to my mom how I was self-employed was even harder. “You don’t have a boss?” she would say—but that’s a story for another day.

My family did not understand what I did and although they support me as a human being, they have not been able to support my endeavours as I would have hoped. I accepted it and after years of trying to show my family that I do more as a creative entrepreneur than just make websites, I decided that I myself am very proud of taking the road less traveled to following my dreams.

It was perhaps the hardest lesson I had to learn growing up, but it was definitely the most valuable.

You see, we learn to take our own accomplishments for granted sometimes unless someone else approves them.

We (as creatives) fail to see that if we are able to be thriving bosses, we can also be our best cheerleaders.

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