Although trust is an intangible asset, this article shares helpful insight on how to build trust with your freelance clients and benefit from increased communication, better understanding of course better cash flow.

Stay One Step Ahead

If you have a client – that means they are busy. Obviously. It’s why they’ve hired you. So when you get an assignment and see a potential problem in the future, address it. And never act like your client is unaware of the problem. It’s often a case of them being too busy to get to it and/or them not having spent enough time with the project to know exactly what your problem looks like. Let the client know about a problem before it needs addressed. They will appreciate it and you’ll have an easier time completing the project. No one should address a problem when it should already have been solved.

Never think of yourself as just a freelancer. Think of yourself as a problem solver. Trust will build, paychecks will increase.

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