This is an excellent article that shares invaluable insight on how to grow your freelance brand hiring others, while remaining true to yourself and embracing the extra help instead of rejecting it.

Does hiring out things like writing or customer service make your personal brand less personal? Are you lying to the world?

Nope. You’re growing your brand.

Here’s how I like to put it into perspective:

If I called up Martha Stewart’s company right now, the last person in the world that would answer the phone would be Martha Stewart. Amiright?

Chances are that there’s something in your business that you’re really great at. Maybe a couple of things. Let’s say you’re here to be a painter. You’ve started your creative business to paint. You understand that you also need to be an entrepreneur for this to feed you, so you learn the ropes of building an online business, and you super love writing your bi-weekly emails. But what you hate doing is managing your Facebook page, and a lot of your business comes from Facebook.

Do you slug away at Facebook yourself, taking time from what you’re great at, or do you hire someone to manage it for you so that you can get back to the work that fulfills you?

A lot of creatives think that hiring someone to manage such front-facing content will make their business less them. I want to encourage you to reframe that mindset.

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