As a freelancer you work hard and always give your best, however you couldn’t help it this time and you missed your deadline (yikes). This article gives you four things NOT to do should you find yourself in this situation.

Even though deadlines can be great for creativity, they’re not always great from a professional standpoint. And you may have made some outstanding points to initially win over the client, which makes it even harder that you’re now getting emails from them and aren’t sure what to do next. Well, why you figure that out here are five things not to do:


In psychology this is called “rationalization” and it’s a defense mechanism, not a sound business strategy. We know that this is often the first thing you want to, and sometimes it seems almost impossible to keep your mouth shut, but you’ll do yourself no favors. Clients don’t want to hear that your internet accidentally got shut off or you had to take your dog to the hospital or your poor, sweet grandma made you come over and mow the lawn. They just want to know when it will be done. Building up a litany of reasons why the project wasn’t finished on time will almost never make you look like a helpless victim. Instead you’ll look like someone who refuses to take responsibility for messing up and.Just apologize like a professional and get back to it.

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