Decompressing as a freelancer is a very important factor to your self-care routine. Not only do we use decompressing to relax, we use it as a mental reset button to find our creativity and drive. This is a great article that gives you six ways to put you in the right mindset to get back to work.

The math is simple. The more you work, the more money you make. True, it can have a diminishing effect, but nonetheless, this is true. Or you’re not concerned about money – you simply want to work because you enjoy it so much. Whatever your reason for working more, this post will help you do that.

So why are we talking about relaxing when the goal is for you to work more. Simply… because we all need to relax in order to be our most productive. But what is the best way to relax? The best way to relax is whatever way gets us back to work in the fastest amount of time. Some people say they work hard and play hard. That makes sense. This is the goal for this goal: to help you find out how to play hard so you can get back to working hard. And, TV is not included on this list. It’s obviously not that effective since the average American watches about 4 hours of TV per day. Anything that takes 4 hours to work is not effective. Let’s get going:


Spending Time with Friends

Spending time with friends is a sure way to get is an improved mood. Next time you’re feeling stressed at work, call up a friend. Or invite them over for dinner. Neither of these things take much time but both are a great way for you to focus on your friend and forget about work for a little while. And keep in mind that networking is fantastic for business as well. If you’re always working and brush off networking, it may come back to bite you in the form of missed opportunities.

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