This is an excellent article that features common pitching mistakes freelancers should avoid. Don’t risk looking like an amateur and losing revenue.

Pitching is a big part of building a successful freelance business, which is why I feel it’s my duty to lay out the common pitching mistakes that make freelancers look like amateurs.

Common Pitching Mistake #1: You don’t know anything about the site you’re pitching to.

One of the most common pitching mistakes I see is when freelancers don’t know anything about the site they are pitching to. This is usually a clear cut sign that you haven’t done your research.

For example, I once got a pitch from someone who said they loved my photography blog and would like to write for it. If they had taken more than 30 seconds to look at my blog they would have known I don’t write about photography. In fact, I’m still trying to figure out where they got that from!

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