This is an excellent article that explains how a time log can help freelancers significantly harness their creativity and productivity on an on-going regular basis by using these five helpful tips.

1. Write down What You Would like Your Ideal Day to Look Like

Be detailed. Include hours, activities, feelings, and more. It is important that you don’t create a “realistic” day – you’re not supposed to describe what you’re already doing. Instead, think big and create a schedule that would signify your “perfect” lifestyle.

You can even include hobbies or relationships that you don’t currently have. Think big.

2. Leep a Detailed Time Log for Three Days

Once you’ve written down your ideal day, keep an actual journal of your activities for three days. Just like with your “ideal day,” include times, activities, and feelings. Don’t worry if it diverges significantly from your ideal!

It’s important to be scrupulously honest in this stage, even if it hurts. The goal is to get a realistic picture of how you spend your days so that you can take control of your schedule.

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