This is an excellent article that highlights three smart ways to generate leads without leaving the comforts of your home.

Consider being a guest on a podcast

If you get the opportunity to be a guest on a show with your target market, you can share your insight with the podcaster’s audience.  This is an easy way to get exposure for your work in roughly an hour. If you have a family to attend to, too many work demands or any other responsibilities that would make it hard for you to attend  a conference in another state for several days, then a podcast might be a better fit for getting your message out.

When you’re asked questions, demonstrate your expertise through a conversation with the host. You can share your best tips that are easy to implement, give some stats based on research in your field that backs up your answers and mention your products and services in a gentle way. For example, if you sell an online course about how to grow an online business, you can say, “In my course, Surefire Tips to Make More Money Today, I give the students 10 ways to make more money. I wouldn’t be able to explain them all in detail right now but here are 3 tips.” This lets them know that you have a course available. It gives them some of the meat without giving everything away. It can entice the audience to want to know more and hopefully, it will draw them to your offer.

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