When it comes to creating content as a freelancer half the battle is promoting your content to influencers and people you write about. This article features the top three tools for social media content distribution.

In recent years, social media has changed how companies interact with their target audiences. One of the most impactful ways that today’s marketers use social media is to leverage its power as a content distribution channel. And it’s not surprising that a whopping 88% of brands are using social media for their marketing efforts. When brands post links to their content anywhere outside of their website, if done well, the impact is huge. Smart social content distribution helps with increasing awareness, acquiring new audience members and driving relevant web traffic.

Typically, companies promote their content in three different ways: via hosted publications (“owned”), press coverage that voluntarily promotes their message (“earned”) and sponsored placements (“paid”). Regardless of your product, if you’re publishing relevant, engaging and valuable content, there are many ways to successfully utilize your social media presences for content distribution.

Today, there are thousands of powerful tools available to help your business maximize the effectiveness of a shrewd content distribution strategy. Here are three especially great ones that are worth checking out.

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