We’ve all experienced the sound of crickets chirping after sending out freelance proposals at some point or another. This is an excellent article that offers three thoughts to ponder while waiting to reconnect with your potential new client.

For whatever reason, a week or so goes by and they still haven’t gotten back to you. Crickets start chirping whenever you check your inbox. You know that your prices aren’t exorbitant and you consistently deliver above average work. You’re wondering what went wrong. After replaying the conversation in your head, you’re still puzzled. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

…Push through the awkwardness

If you’re new to the sales process, just understand that this can happen. Outside of feeling a little uncomfortable, you might be wondering how long you should wait until after the initial proposal is sent before reconnecting with the person.

A week is a standard amount of time to follow up. It isn’t an unreasonable thing to do because they did, in fact, sound interested. Send a follow up email. If you’re not sure what to write, Hubspot tends to have tons of sales email templates for multiple scenarios such as follow up. This way you’ll have a sample  to get an idea of what to write. They’ll even distinguish between a first follow up, second follow up, etc. This can truly help you improve your closing rate.

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