Have you been overwhelmed and wondering if it’s time to hire a virtual assistant for your freelance business? This is a great article that explains when it’s time to finally start hiring.

You’re wasting your time on tasks you hate doing.

I love numbers, but I hate writing my own invoices. I don’t even like logging into my accounting software because I’d rather spend time writing or creating a new offering. When I noticed that I was spending a lot of time on this one task I really couldn’t stand, I realized it was time for me to hire a virtual assistant so at the very least they could handle invoicing for me.

Take a look at your business and take inventory of what you’re spending your time on. How many of those tasks can you personally live without doing yourself? I bet there are quite a few. If you see yourself spending a lot of time on these particular tasks, it may be time to start looking for a virtual assistant.

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