Are you wondering how to use live video in your freelance business? This is an excellent article to review that offers three ways to incorporate live video in your freelance business.

The Power of Social Media

There are so many advantages to incorporating different forms of social media that it’s difficult to list them all off. I’m going to try anyway.

  • You can use social media as customer service (airlines do this all the time).
  • You can use social media to connect with people in different ways. Some people prefer Facebook while others prefer Snapchat.
  • You can show your authenticity. This is how people connect to brands these days.
  • Freelance client prospects are starting to pay attention to social media numbers. For example, the reason it’s become easier for me to get gigs (and high-quality ones at that) is because I’ve been working on building my own brand and social influence for years.

Live video is just another way to connect with your tribe and build your influence. The advantage is that it seems more intimate and real because there’s really no editing involved. You can also use live video to have conversations with your community, establish yourself as an expert, – and, one of my favorite ways to use live video – crowdsource your community for article ideas.

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