This is an excellent article that covers two lessons every freelancer can learn from as they build their businesses.

Creativity is serious, but it’s not that serious.

One of the greatest lessons on creativity every freelancer must learn is that creativity is serious business, however, you do need to have some lightheartedness as well. Actually, if you’re not at least somewhat lighthearted in your approach you may actually have a hard time being creative.

According to Gilbert (and I happen to agree), you need to take your creative work seriously. That means you need to actually show up and put your all into it. However, at some point, you just need to let it go into the world and let go of your fear of criticism.

For a freelance writer, that looks like sending a draft over to an editor and not taking it to heart when they edit your work. For a designer, it looks like being okay when a client doesn’t like aspects of your work and wants some edits. In other words, if you’re going to make a living as a creative, you can’t be so sensitive about your work.

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