This is an excellent article that explains the need for email automation and how it can help you run your freelance business + 10 apps that you can start using right away to help you get started!

Automating processes and tasks is essential to running a one woman shop, because it’s not like you have a full-time assistant.

And one of the places it’s most useful? That damn inbox that won’t stop bringing in new things.

#InboxZero is an elusive beast we chase after. And if you achieve it, you have another new email within minutes and you feel decrowned, like when you played Pretty Pretty Princess in college…I mean preschool.

But while I used to spend an hour or two per day going through all my inboxes (omg that feels embarrassing to say now!), I now spend that much time on it per week.

…here are the apps and features that can help you:

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