July 2016

Copyright Law: What is “Work Made For Hire” and Who Owns Your Freelance Work?

  This is a great article that covers the copyright laws that freelancers hold and answers the serious question: “Who owns your freelance work?” What You Can Do to Protect Yourself In many cases, as a freelancer or independent contractor,… Continue Reading →

8 Rules for How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Freelancing Business 

This is an excellent article that covers eight great criteria freelancers should keep in mind when choosing a domain name. 1) Make it brandable. Brandable, meaning when you hear the domain name, when you hear yourself or someone else say it,… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Generate More Freelance Client Leads Without Leaving Your Home

This is an excellent article that highlights three smart ways to generate leads without leaving the comforts of your home. Consider being a guest on a podcast If you get the opportunity to be a guest on a show with… Continue Reading →

How to Be Your Own Freelance Cheerleader in Your Life and Business

  Being  a freelancer can get overwhelming, hard, and lonely at times. This is an excellent article that guides you on how to support yourself and retain your momentum by becoming your own cheerleader. So how do we become our… Continue Reading →

Build a Library of Graphics & Photos with Free Resources For Your Freelance Business

  It’s not always possible for freelancers to hire photographers and designers for their marketing needs. This article compiles a list of FREE resources that you can use right away to start building your very own library of assets. I… Continue Reading →

2 Really Big Lessons on Creativity Every Freelancer Should Learn

  This is an excellent article that covers two lessons every freelancer can learn from as they build their businesses. Creativity is serious, but it’s not that serious. One of the greatest lessons on creativity every freelancer must learn is… Continue Reading →

Is Your Freelance Work Taking Over Your Life?

Is your freelance work taking over your life?  Don’t get me wrong being a freelancer comes with great perks! This is an excellent article that offers tips to prevent allowing work to get in the way of your relationships and health…. Continue Reading →

3 Things to Ponder While You’re Waiting to Hear Back From a Sent Freelance Proposal

We’ve all experienced the sound of crickets chirping after sending out freelance proposals at some point or another. This is an excellent article that offers three thoughts to ponder while waiting to reconnect with your potential new client. For whatever reason,… Continue Reading →

3 Ways an Emergency Fund Can Save Freelancers

  Emergencies can happen to anyone and at anytime, this is an excellent article that highlights three ways an emergency fund can save freelancers. An emergency fund can help cover you during lean months. This is where an emergency fund… Continue Reading →

How to Rock Your Freelance Business Without Starving Your Creativity

  This is an excellent article that explains how you can benefit as a freelancer from connecting with their inner four-year-old to rock your freelance business. You may have remembered when we discussed the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur. In this… Continue Reading →

5 Steps for Using a Freelance Time Log to Become More Productive

This is an excellent article that explains how a time log can help freelancers significantly harness their creativity and productivity on an on-going regular basis by using these five helpful tips. 1. Write down What You Would like Your Ideal… Continue Reading →

3 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Freelance Business

  Have you been overwhelmed and wondering if it’s time to hire a virtual assistant for your freelance business? This is a great article that explains when it’s time to finally start hiring. You’re wasting your time on tasks you… Continue Reading →

Have a Shaky Relationship? How to Build Trust with Your Freelance Clients

  Although trust is an intangible asset, this article shares helpful insight on how to build trust with your freelance clients and benefit from increased communication, better understanding of course better cash flow. Stay One Step Ahead If you have a client… Continue Reading →

How to Identify Your Ideal Freelance Client Without Knowing Their Favorite Color

  This is an excellent article that offers four great ways for you to identify and connect with your ideal freelance dream client. Your ideal client is not an avatar any more than you are. You are a dynamic person… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Avoid Insanity and Automate Your Freelance Emails

  This is an excellent article that explains the need for email automation and how it can help you run your freelance business + 10 apps that you can start using right away to help you get started! Automating processes… Continue Reading →

How to Add an Opt-in After Your Freelance Blog Posts (& Why it’s Important!)

  Fun fact: Most people never see the home page of a website. Usually, the first impression comes from following a social media link and landing on a promoted or otherwise random blog post on your site. This is a great… Continue Reading →

How Do You Label Yourself as a Freelancer?

  This is a great article that deals with labels. More specifically how you label yourself as a freelancer, and how these various labels can not only define but limit you as well. There are times when labeling who you… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Meet Your Freelance Deadlines

  If you’re not early, you’re late. This is an excellent article that shares four quick and easy tips to help you to complete tasks on time and meet your freelancing deadlines. Delegate Work You should always look to surround yourself… Continue Reading →

Growing your freelance brand: Does hiring make your business less you?

This is an excellent article that shares invaluable insight on how to grow your freelance brand hiring others, while remaining true to yourself and embracing the extra help instead of rejecting it. Does hiring out things like writing or customer… Continue Reading →

5 Things To Do When Freelance Business Slows Down This Summer

  Unfortunately for freelancers, during the summer months business is much slower than the rest of the year.  This is an excellent article that offers great tips on how to get business through the door AND make the most of your… Continue Reading →

How to Get Sponsors for Your Freelance Blog

Have you ever wondered how some freelancers get sponsors for their blogs? This is an excellent article offers everything you need to know to get with getting sponsors for your freelance blog. What is a sponsor? A sponsor is basically an… Continue Reading →

How to Create Your Freelance Elevator Pitch

  Believe it or not your elevator pitch is a very important part of your freelance networking and describing your value to potential clients. This is a great article that helps you create a elevator pitch that sets you apart…. Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Handle Freelance Procrastination 

  This is an excellent article offer three great techniques to annihilate procrastination as a freelancer and get back to work. Usually, when I’m procrastinating it’s because I’m dreading doing something. I’m also usually making a bigger deal out of… Continue Reading →

3 Effective Ways to Use Live Video In Your Freelance Business

Are you wondering how to use live video in your freelance business? This is an excellent article to review that offers three ways to incorporate live video in your freelance business. The Power of Social Media There are so many… Continue Reading →

How Freelancers Can Break Social Media Addictions (Without Losing Their Business Edge)

  The stats are in and more than half of American adults say they’re addicted to their digital devices, going cold turkey is not an option for most freelancers. This is an excellent article that gives you five helpful tips… Continue Reading →

Four Things Not to Do if You Miss a Freelance Deadline

  As a freelancer you work hard and always give your best, however you couldn’t help it this time and you missed your deadline (yikes). This article gives you four things NOT to do should you find yourself in this… Continue Reading →

Fast Ways to Decompress as a Freelancer (TV NOT Included!) 

  Decompressing as a freelancer is a very important factor to your self-care routine. Not only do we use decompressing to relax, we use it as a mental reset button to find our creativity and drive. This is a great… Continue Reading →

3 Tools Freelancers Can Use for Relentless Social Media Content Distribution

  When it comes to creating content as a freelancer half the battle is promoting your content to influencers and people you write about. This article features the top three tools for social media content distribution. In recent years, social media has… Continue Reading →

How to Spark Creativity in Your Freelance Work When You Have None Left

One of the hardest things for creative freelancers to do is to remain excited about doing-the-work. This article is an excellent quick read that features three tips to help you re-spark your creativity at will. Unfortunately, creativity sometimes stops when you… Continue Reading →

Common Freelancing Pitching Mistakes to Avoid Looking Like an Amateur

  This is an excellent article that features common pitching mistakes freelancers should avoid. Don’t risk looking like an amateur and losing revenue. Pitching is a big part of building a successful freelance business, which is why I feel it’s… Continue Reading →

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