June 2016

6 Ways to Make Clients Feel Special (And Boost Retention) 

  Developing great and lasting relationships with your clients is a very important part of being a freelancer. This is a great article that will teach six ways to make your clients feel special and keep them coming back for… Continue Reading →

How to Dominate any Freelance Niche or Industry 

There are many benefits to honing in on your ideal profitable customers a.k.a your niche market. For starters you’ll see a huge reduction in marketing cost (because you know exactly who to target). You’ll also benefit from greater trust and credibility… Continue Reading →

Graphic Design Pricing For Freelancers Is Not About Self-Worth

  Way too many freelance designers confuse their personal self worth with their need and ability to request a fair working rate. It’s time for freelancers to rethink their graphic design pricing structure. This is an excellent article that offers… Continue Reading →

Why is it Important to Brand Yourself as a Freelancer (+ How to Tips)

  This is an excellent article that shows you how to brand yourself as a freelancer, why it’s so important and more importantly how to stand out as a freelancer. The term “brand” is a bit of a buzzword that’s… Continue Reading →

How Freelancers Can Keep a Consistent Flow of Subscribers When You Have No Traffic

  This is an excellent article by Neal Samudre that gives you actionable steps to help you keep consistent subscribers when you’re just starting. One thing for certain is, you need an audience. Neal offers a few strategies that will help… Continue Reading →

25 Quotes That Will Make You a Better Freelancer

This is an excellent article which features a wonderful collection of quotes that will help you become a better freelancer starting today. Here’s one of my favorites: We talk to a lot of smart people here at The Freelancer, so… Continue Reading →

How Long Does Freelance Success Really Take?

  Have you ever wondered exactly how long is takes to find freelance success? Well, today is your lucky day! This article breaks down how long it takes to become a successful freelancer. Of course your mileage may vary ymmv,… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Damage to Your Freelance Career

Freelancing is a great way to become independent and enjoy freedom. This is an excellent article that offers 5 pitfalls to avoid damaging your wonderful freelance career.   Over Promise One of the worst things you can do is over… Continue Reading →

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Freelance Procrastination Strikes

  Freelance procrastination can strike and rear it’s ugly head at anytime. I’ve learned that the best way to to fully understand and reduce procrastination is to gain an understanding as to why you procrastinate in the first place. This… Continue Reading →

How to Stop Worrying About Freelance Competition

  Are you losing sleep over your freelance competition? This is an excellent article that will show you that worrying over the competition is a complete waste of time and energy. Better yet, this article will help you stop worrying for… Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Building an Online Community for Your Freelance Business

This is an excellent article that offers 5 quick tips to help you build a strong online community that will foster customer loyalty and increase sales. Companies with active communities focused on their products tend to enjoy higher brand credibility,… Continue Reading →

20 Freelance Business-Building Alternatives to Trolling Social Media

Do you find yourself spending way to much time using social media? Are you a social zombie thumbing through the never-ending-scroll-of-death? If so, this article is for you! Mike Loomis has written an excellent piece that will help you disengage and get started… Continue Reading →

What Adele Can Teach Your Freelance Business About Content Marketing

Strategic content marketing is becoming more relevant than traditional advertising. One person that knows a thing or two about this is multi-award winning musician Adele. This is an excellent article that navigates a few of Adele’s best strategies that can… Continue Reading →

How to Prepare Yourself for the Future of Freelance Work

  Work will continue to evolve. Human progress is inevitable. And progress is impossible without change. This article offers excellent insight on preparing yourself for the future of freelance work and is work the quick read. The future is already… Continue Reading →

4 Simple Ways Freelancers Can Improve Their Mood

  How you feel has a great impact on your business and the world around you. This is a great article that includes 4 excellent tips to improve your mood. Being in a good mood can help you as you perform a… Continue Reading →

What Nobody Told You about Freelance Content Marketing: 23 Places to Promote Your Posts

  You’ve worked so hard creating stellar content for your blog, yet the comment section is still a ghost town. The good news is your content is great! You just need to market it. This article shows you exactly how… Continue Reading →

4 Pieces of Freelancing Advice That I’ve Ignored

  This is a pretty interesting article that ignores 4 very popular pieces of freelance advice. Because some rules are meant to be broken, amirite? I’ve done work for free. …Should I have worked for free? Absolutely. On the blogging… Continue Reading →

The Most Successful Freelancers’ 8 Productivity Habits

  This is an excellent article that highlights eight incredible productivity hacks from top freelancers. Want gain better control of your freedom time and processes? These tips will ignite your spark and have you flaming in the right direction. “Many freelancers underestimate the amount… Continue Reading →

10 Ingenious Ways to Find Freelance Work Using Social Media

  It’s safe to say that social media is now a part of all of our daily lives. This fact alone makes it easier than ever to find new clients literally at our fingertips. This article gives insight on ten… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons to Implement Systems in Your Freelance Business

  This is an excellent article that explains the importance of setting up systems in your freelance business. This is a quick read that’s filled with juicy nuggets to take away and shift you into action. The reality is that… Continue Reading →

15 Easy Freelance Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

  On the fence about freelancing full-time and leaving your day job behind? Then fret no more, this article offers 15 different freelance side hustle ideas that you can start right away. Not ready to leave your job, but also not ready… Continue Reading →

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