With all the recent talks of two very popular words freelancing and free not to mention the ever trending hashtags #FreeWork and #freelanceNOTfree I wanted to highlight a different type of article today. My beliefs actually align with this article, as I believe it is very much possible to make generosity work for your freelance business.

This article offers practical information that you can put to use right away if you’re interested in giving back via your freelance business to your local community or otherwise. This information with help you gauge the value being offered as well as ensure the terms are mutually beneficial.

Building a charitable component into your business can be an effective and energizing way to level-up your marketing efforts and get ahead of your biggest competitors. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be overarching, but it’s important that a program of giving is executed with thoughtfulness and intentionality. Your generosity needs to jive with the mission and the scale of your company, whether you’re a one-woman consulting business or a startup with an entire team of creatives. Your customers will demand it and your charity of choice deserves it.

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