The best undeniable way to increase your revenue as a freelancer is to understand sales and create a streamlined sales process that will fit perfectly with your freelance business. This article explains the steps to create a simple customized sales process that will fit your needs.

Most people screw up sales because they are focused on the end goal – the money. They’re thinking they have to land a deal because that deal will pay their rent. This usually leads to hard sales, discomfort and you guessed it – not closing the deal.

A sales process, on the other hand, is simply a system you move people through. Essentially, sales isn’t a hard driving push, it’s a process that takes time. That means you have to create a sales process for your business and understand how it works. It’s something we all have to learn at some point, but it’s well worth the effort. Below you’ll find the key factors to creating a sales process that works.

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