June 2016

3 Ways to Get More Work From Your Current Freelance Clients

  This is an excellent article that gives you great insight and includes a follow-up schedule with actionable steps towards gaining more work from your current clients. Every project you work on has a beginning and end, right? You do… Continue Reading →

3 Things You Need to Know about Freelancing Full-Time

  Are you considering making the switch to becoming a freelancer full-time? If so, this article covers everything you need to know about making it work and includes three need-to-know tips about freelancing. Are you thinking about making the switch… Continue Reading →

50 of the Best Tools for Freelance Teams Working Remotely  

  Running a freelance team you want to be as efficient as possible, your most valued resource is time after all. This is an excellent article chock-full of 50 amazing tools that will save you time and help your team… Continue Reading →

What to Do When a Freelance Client Doesn’t Pay Up

Freelancing can be a wonderful career choice loaded with many pros few cons and many incredible perks. One of the few downsides of being a freelancer is when a client doesn’t pay up. Luckily, this article offers five tips to… Continue Reading →

The Best Way to Tackle Your Long Freelance To Do List

  Many freelancers start each day with a mile-long to do list. Luckily, it is possible to conquer your list every day without facing extreme overwhelm. This is a great article that offers great insight on tackling your long to do… Continue Reading →

3 Non-Spammy Ways to Promote Your Freelance Business in Facebook Groups

  Is it possible to promote your business in Facebook groups without being super annoying and spammy? Yes, it is! This is a very brief but excellent podcast that offers three excellent tips that will help you organically promote your… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Freelance Career While Traveling The World

  Traveling the world and experiencing new cultures is a dream of many freelancers. This is an excellent article by that explains how to find freelance clients and work remotely while traveling the world. We are in the emergence of… Continue Reading →

3 Steps to Handling an Online Freelance Business Crisis

  From time to time freelancers are faced with an online business crisis. This article offers a few helpful tips to help you prepare and deal with a crisis should one arrive at your door. At some point, you are… Continue Reading →

9 Freelance Business Mistakes (+ How to Avoid Them)

  New freelancers face tough many tough business decisions at times. This is an excellent article written by Lizzie Davey that explains how to avoid these nine mistakes that can harm your business. 3. Getting comfortable All of a sudden you have… Continue Reading →

How Public Speaking Can Give Your Freelance Career a Boost

  As a freelancer, public speaking is an excellent way to exude your authority as an industry expert. This is a great article that highlights the benefits to utilizing public speaking and how public speaking can help you grow your freelance business… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Freelance Client Onboarding + Learning From Membership Sites

  A good onboarding process is one of the best things that you can have in place to ensure a seamless transition of clients into your freelance business. This article explains in detail how to benefit and utilize client onboarding. If you’re… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Freelance Business

  This is an excellent article that shares 3 quick tips that will help you leverage Facebook groups to grow your freelance business. We all hear that people hire those they know, like and trust. Many Facebook groups allow you… Continue Reading →

8 Tips to Improve Freelance Client Relationships Overnight

  This is an excellent article by that highlights eight quick tips to help you improve your client relationships….and fast! Use “we” instead of “you” and “I” Fostering a good relationship with your client means making it a team effort even… Continue Reading →

Is There Too Much Freelance Competition?

Are you concerned that there may be too much competition in freelancing? This article gives excellent insight on why you shouldn’t be worried along with a few great mindset gems that can help shift your thinking.   One of the… Continue Reading →

How to Get Hired by Any Organization For Freelance Work

  Freelancers solve problems for many different businesses across many industries every day. This is an excellent article that shows you how to leverage the solution you offer and get hired by pretty much any organization. Every organization has problems that… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Sales Process That Actually Works For Your Freelance Business

  The best undeniable way to increase your revenue as a freelancer is to understand sales and create a streamlined sales process that will fit perfectly with your freelance business. This article explains the steps to create a simple customized… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for a Boring Freelance Business

  If you are a freelancer who struggles with boring or uninteresting content you don’t want to miss this. This is an excellent article that gives you actionable steps and strategy you can use to inspire emotion and response with your… Continue Reading →

4 Random Side Gigs That Can Supplement Your Freelance Career

This is a great article written by Anne Dorko that shows the versatility of freelancing by working on four interesting side gigs to supplement additional income. By taking on unusual side gigs, you gain invaluable insights to concepts you had no idea about. It’s… Continue Reading →

6 Money Hacks That Will Set Your Freelance Business up for Massive Success

This article is a must read if you’re looking to setup your freelance business for massive success. These six money hacks will help you get the ball rolling out of the red and into the black! I’d definitely recommend bookmarking this… Continue Reading →

The Best Freelance Sales Advice I Ever Received

  This an excellent article that features a quick digestible piece of sales advice by Jake Jorgovan. One of my sales mentors once shared a very simple piece of advice with me.It’s so simple, it seems almost stupid when you first… Continue Reading →

Making Generosity Work for You & Your Freelance Business

  With all the recent talks of two very popular words freelancing and free not to mention the ever trending hashtags #FreeWork and #freelanceNOTfree I wanted to highlight a different type of article today. My beliefs actually align with this article, as I… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should Think Like Marketers

  In order to succeed in your freelance business you must think like a marketer. This article offers three ways freelancers can achieve this. Focus on benefits. One of the key ways to think like a marketer is to focus… Continue Reading →

50 Shades of YAY: Ways To Celebrate Your Freelance Success

  All freelance and no fun? Absolutely not! Need some celebration inspiration? Then you’re in luck. This article lists 50 ways to celebrate your freelance successes’ because after all you worked your butt off and gave it your all. Now… Continue Reading →

How to Transition From Selling Freelance Services to Products

  This is an excellent article that helps guide you through the process of up-leveling your freelance business by reducing the sell of services to selling digital products. You probably side hustled your way into your freelance business and now… Continue Reading →

How to Use Pinterest to Increase Traffic to Your Freelance Blog

  There are tons of people using Pinterest to increase traffic to their freelance blog. This article walks you through some great steps to help you implement a strategy to get more views starting yesterday now. Have you heard of the… Continue Reading →

3 Books Every Freelancer Should Have on Their Bookshelf

  Continuing education is very important for freelancers looking to move their business forward. This article offers a list of books that every freelancer can benefit from having on their shelf. Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port Book Yourself Solid… Continue Reading →

How to Discover Your Freelance Path 

  One of the best ways to ensure your success as a freelancer is to know what you want to gain from the experience and where you want to land. This article helps you get the most out of your freelance… Continue Reading →

7 Long-Term Money Goal Ideas for Freelancers

  This a great article that offers you a few valuable long-term goals to consider that you can implement into your freelancing career. These valuable goals will motivate you to reach the next level of your freelance business success. Set the… Continue Reading →

Could Focusing on Systems Help Your Freelance Business More Than Goals?

  This is a wonderful article that highlights the benefits of putting systems in place to help your freelance business progress. Sadly your goals may not always help your business when thinking long-term. However, having great systems in place will… Continue Reading →

4 Things to Do When Your Freelance Business Is Slow

  This is an excellent article that highlights a list of four things to do instead of panic when your freelance business is slow. These tasks will help your business move forward. It’s summertime, and for many freelancers that means… Continue Reading →

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