May 2016

How to Get Started Outsourcing as a Freelancer (Little Cash Required) 

Outsourcing to other freelancers can be an absolute game changer. Need to free up some your time? Need to defog a cluttered brain? Good news, outsourcing is for you! This a great article on outsourcing with small actionable steps included. After this quick read… Continue Reading →

How to Tame Scope-Creeping Freelance Clients

Scope creep can be a very slippery slope. It’s always best to set clear expectations when on-boarding clients. This is a great article to help tame your scope creeping clients. Imagine you’re a freelance web developer and a client hires you to create… Continue Reading →

How to use Video Marketing for Your Freelance Business

Video marketing has financially changed the game for marketers in major ways. Formerly, a brand awareness tool video is now an absolute must have to engage your followers and reach your new business prospects. This article has an easy step-by-step guide… Continue Reading →

This One Question Will Instantly Make You a More Productive Freelancer

Goodbye extended to-do list and overwhelm, hello productivity. This one quick question will help you pare down your list channel your focus: You’re blurry-eyed and slack-jawed at your desk, staring at a to-do list so long you feel like we could wrap it around the entire… Continue Reading →

3 Practical Ways to Cure Freelancer Isolation

Ditching my  9-to-5 job was a great feeling! The freedom I now had, to go and do anything I wanted during the work day was liberating. What I didn’t know was I would actually miss interacting with my former co-workers. I… Continue Reading →

How To Raise Your Freelance Rates With Your Existing Clients 

This is an excellent article that chronicles raising rates with your existing clients. Whenever you’re dealing with current and past clients, raising rates can cause some alarm. If you move in with a value based sales conversation paired with delivering… Continue Reading →

Do Freelancers Deserve Down-payments? 

Starting a project without a down payment can be very risky. You should absolutely be paid your worth. However, do you believe freelancers deserve down payments? The first step in being paid your worth is first believing in your value. This… Continue Reading →

How to Create the Perfect Evening Routine for Morning Freelance Success

This is an excellent article on achieving morning success by creating the perfect evening routine. There’s no feeling quite like waking up ready to kick start the morning with a fresh outlook, clear mind and endless opportunities!   Designing the… Continue Reading →

6 Tips Freelancers Can Use for Winning New Work

Check out this video for some great useful tips that can help you win new business. In this competitive arena we of freelance opportunities it’s always a good idea to brush up on your strategies to win new work. “It’s having… Continue Reading →

8 Tips for Freelancing From Home Without Ignoring Your Kids

This article offers excellent tips for freelancers working from home. It also offers solutions on how to do so, without ignoring your kids. As a homeschooling , work-at-home parent I can attest that the struggle is real. A healthy work/life… Continue Reading →

Being Smart Won’t Make You a Top Freelancer

  This is not your typical work smarter not harder article. This excellent read is all about taking action. Sounds a bit cliché, trust me I know. But the truth is YOU are responsible for your wins. I’ve learned that the best way… Continue Reading →

5 Fabulous Ways To Market Yourself as a Freelancer on A Budget

  Marketing efforts are one of the toughest challenges that freelancers face. Your future clients are waiting to hear from you. But first, they must know you exist. This article offers five great ways to become visible and make the… Continue Reading →

Is it Better to be a Freelance Specialist or Generalist? 

  This is a great article that points out why it’s best to target a specific niche customer base or as some say your dream clients.  The benefits of being a specialist far outweigh those of being the ‘jack of all… Continue Reading →

How to Use Facebook Groups to Launch Your Freelancing Product or Service

Here’s an excellent article on using Facebook groups to benefit your freelance business efforts. When using a targeted niche group it’s much easier to communicate value. Facebook groups allow you to listen to your audience and share valuable feedback and… Continue Reading →

4 Lessons ABC’s Shark Tank Can Teach Freelancers 

This is an interesting read on lessons freelancers can learn from ABC’s Shark Tank. I must admit I’m a huge fan of the show. There are great lessons in each episode, I always walk away feeling positive and refreshed by… Continue Reading →

Why Freelancers Should be Pitching Their Services to Small Businesses

Freelancers are flexible and can easily meet the goals of small businesses. For this reason freelancers are the perfect solution for small business owners. Business demands can be sporadic in uncertain economic times, hiring additional full-time employees can be risky…. Continue Reading →

6 Freelance Burn Out Signs to Watch Out For

It’s easy at times to get lost in the hustle while building your lifestyle around freelancing. You are doing what you love while pursuing your dreams after all. Please try to remember when booking your schedule, to pencil in time… Continue Reading →

A Freelancer’s Guide to Personal Branding

Here’s a great article that you don’t want to miss, about personal branding. Branding is one of those buzzwords that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. And it’s not for nothing. Branding is the secret sauce that makes a… Continue Reading →

How to Quit Your Job and Freelance Full-Time

This is an excellent article on ethical ways to quit your job to pursue freelancing full-time We all have our reasons for wanting to quit our job to become a freelancer. For me it was ‘freedom’ hands down! Some of… Continue Reading →

How to DIY SEO as a Freelancer

  This is a great article on DIY SEO Finding new clients that you actually want to work with is one way stay happy as a Freelancer. Want to know what’s even better than finding new clients? Well, having those… Continue Reading →

Keeping Track of Your Freelance Expenses (with free worksheet)

  This is a great article on tracking expenses, it also includes a free handy worksheet to get you started. You may think that freelancing is inexpensive. I get it, you do work mostly from home after all. The tricky… Continue Reading →

7 Bad Habits You Must Drop Today to Become an Ultra-Successful Freelancer

  This post from Inc. is a great one Sometimes changing negative habits can be challenging, the benefits to changing over to a more positive mindset can help you form better habits and fast! The fastest way to adapting new… Continue Reading →

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