May 2016

How to Grow Your Business through networking (from a guy who hates “networking”)

  This is an excellent article that chronicles the what-not-to-do’s and includes some excellent tips on what-to-do to get the most from marketing your freelance business. At first we made a lot of mistakes. Ironically, those mistakes seemed to come… Continue Reading →

It’s No Longer Risky to Pursue Your Freelance Passion (Here’s How to Do It)

  Everyday people lose their jobs suddenly and out of necessity have to come up with alternate ways to make money the fund their livelihoods. In all honesty, in today’s market it’s not unheard of for someone to be forced into… Continue Reading →

Get Your Day Started With These Morning Routines for Freelancers

  Are you a morning person? If not, this article may be for you. The author offers a few great practical tips in ushering in the day with minimal stress being alert and ready to eat that frog tackle your… Continue Reading →

A 30-minute exercise that will make any freelancer less stressed, tired and crazy

This article is a must read and offers a great and simple exercise that will immediately change the outlook of your day. It’s recommended that you spend 30 minutes each day to relieve stress and keep your freelance business running smoothly. Most… Continue Reading →

7 Productive Ways Freelancers Can Spend Memorial Day Weekend

  This is an excellent and timely article featuring 7 productive ways to spend this wonderful start of summer Memorial day weekend (for those of us in the US). Because, cheers to getting stuff done! Hand-in-hand with some quiet reflection… Continue Reading →

4 Promotion Tactics To Avoid If You’re a Cash Strapped Freelancer

This is a great article by Terri, that helps you avoid falling into the slippery slop of discounting services. There are 4 helpful tactics to avoid when attempting to discount your services. I love watching business-related reality shows, and one show… Continue Reading →

How to be an Authentic Freelancer Online to Boost Your Business

Everyone who’s anyone in the online business marketing world will tell you that you must be authentic with your brand – but how does one go about doing this you ask? Well, this is an excellent article that explains quick… Continue Reading →

Kick Freelance Perfectionism to the Curb – 5 Ways to Get Stuff Done 

What’s the biggest obstacle in your freelance journey? Lack of time? Lack of resources? Lack of experience? The answer may surprise you, but the thing that holds many of us back the most is perfectionism. That feeling that everything has to… Continue Reading →

How to Pick The Right Freelance Outsourcing Team

This is a great article on choosing the right outsourcing team for your freelancing business. Outsourcing to can be challenging if you’ve never considered it before. However, the benefits far outweigh any potential challenges you may face. You can save… Continue Reading →

Are Your Freelance Clients Energy Vampires? 

  This article offers 3 practical tips to deal with vampires energy draining clients. One thing that I’ve learned, is when doing discovery calls with potential clients, it’s best to actually interview ‘each other’ that way you can decide if… Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Handle Online Haters When Promoting Your Business

  This article offers 4 great tips to deal with online negativity. Knowing the difference between online haters and constructive criticism is the first step to understanding online haters. Ignoring the foolishness is definitely the best route to take, as… Continue Reading →

Freelancers Should Embrace Their Natural Marketing Mode

  This is a great article that encourages freelancers to embrace their ‘natural’ marketing mode. Are you uncomfortable on camera? Do webinars freak you out? Well, good news.. their are marketing alternatives to use with more comfort. Marketing your freelance… Continue Reading →

5 Times I Had to Lawyer-Up in My Freelance Business

This is a great article referencing 5 times the writer needed the advice of a lawyer during online business. Having a good business lawyer in your pocket for those just in case moments can be priceless. If you’re not at… Continue Reading →

10 Tips for Freelancers to Develop New Client Relationships

This is a great article that details the to-do’s and next steps after you’ve won your potential client over, this article offers tips to ensure you develop meaningful client relationships.   New business relationships often seem promising before any work gets… Continue Reading →

Useful Slack Apps For Freelancing

  This article is chock-full of great news for Slack users and soon-to-be non-users alike. Slack announced their app directory recently, full of very useful bots and apps that you can start to integrate with your Slack channel. If you haven’t used… Continue Reading →

The 5 Amazing ‘F’s’ of freelancing

This article includes the five f-words (any they’re not what you think) of freelance work. Great article, hilarious and highly accurate. Working on your own is a lot of things to a lot of people. And yes, there are definitely… Continue Reading →

Preparing for Vacation: A Freelancer Survival Guide

  This article offers great tips freelancers can use to prepare your clients and business for a much needed vacation. You’ll return from your trip much happier and less stressed and most of all ready to complete and tackle your freelance… Continue Reading →

Workflow Automation: A Freelancer’s Secret Weapon

  One of the best ways to transform and up-level your freelance business is by using automation. Automation can help you truly serve your customers, offer consistency of policies/procedures and all while saving you tons of time. This is a… Continue Reading →

4 Simple Freelance Financial Steps to Take in Your Business

This article offers four great financial steps to take in your freelance business to ensure that your business is financially fit. If you want to run a successful freelance business, it’s imperative that you stay organized by incorporating these freelance financial… Continue Reading →

Free Apps That Will Increase Your Freelance Productivity

  This is a great article that features several free apps to start using immediately that will help to increase your freelance productivity. Productivity is the name of the game as everybody wants to be more productive. Productivity gives you a… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why Your Freelance Work is NOT Getting Done 

We’ve all been there with piles of work that seems to re-spawn each day. We have TONS of work to do and it’s not getting done. Well, not to worry this excellent article offers three great tips that will help you… Continue Reading →

How to give yourself a promotion as a freelancer

One of the few things I miss about being an employee is the feeling I always got while getting a promotion. It was the best! Even better when paired with a raise.   *Plot twist* Did you know that while working as… Continue Reading →

How to Secure Retainer-Based Payment Clients as a Freelancer 

Are you falling over unpaid invoices and need to regulate your freelancer income? If you answered yes! Then this is an excellent article for you that explains one of the best ways to regulate your cash-flow is using monthly retainers. Retainers can… Continue Reading →

Do you have Freelancer Yes-itis?

Do you have Yes-itis?   This is an excellent and truthfully honest article (although hilarious). Truth be told If someone says “yes” to all requests, rather than a firm “No” their dishonesty can hurt their freelance business and cause burnout… Continue Reading →

How to Sound Like A Freelance Pro When Writing Content About Your Business

  Do you struggle with writing content about yourself or business that will attract your perfect client? This is an excellent article to help you win over freelance clients while sounding like a pro. “Confidence is often the difference between… Continue Reading →

How Freelancers Can Stop Neglecting Personal Finances

  Here’s a great article that offers two quick tips on helping you get your freelance vs personal finances on track. There’s a common problem that affects freelancers and self-employed individuals of all kinds – they tend to neglect their… Continue Reading →

7 Creative Ways Freelancers Can Use Instagram for Business

  Believe it or not, using images and short video can really capture your audience’s attention. That’s where Instagram  comes in! This is a great article to shows you how to easily add Instagram to your freelance marketing arsenal efforts to help bring… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Help You Stop Freelancer Procrastination

This article offers 5 practical tips that will help you jump start your day without procrastination. Is procrastination holding you back? Do you wish you had better motivation? Here are some ideas that can help you stop procrastinating. Read the… Continue Reading →

How to (Really) Build Your Freelance Business with Facebook

  Need a quick boost landing new or fill-in clients via social media? This article offers a few excellent group etiquette tips that could help you gain new clients on Facebook that you could use across all social platforms. Facebook. What a… Continue Reading →

Freelancers Making 6-Figures are on the Rise

This is a very interesting article published over on According to results from a 2015 study an estimated one in five full-time freelancers made 6-figured salaries last year. Excellent news for Freelancers all around, we’re in great company. There will be… Continue Reading →

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