Have you ever been working on a project that you just can’t quite seem to get? It feels as if no matter what you do, it just won’t work.


What do you do to try and get over it? Do you tell yourself that even though it’s rough, you have to push through and you will eventually make it out? Do you say that you’ll try your hardest and hope for the best? Do you just throw your arms in the air and admit defeat?


One big mistake that you might be making is telling yourself that you’re not able to win; in one-way or another.


You have to decide that you are going to beat this thing.


Psychological Blocks can render us completely useless at the worst times. Recognizing a psychological block can be easy, defeating it is a different story.


Luckily, IttyBiz has crafted a fantastic article that can help you get over a psychological block.

“A psychological block, for the purposes of this article and not for Wikipedia posterity, could be defined as “the thing you’re thinking that’s screwing you up.”

That thing tends to create a fair bit of drama inside your head. Lots of strong emotions that either overpower you or drag you down. And so instead of minding your business, doing your thing and feeling good about it, you’re not doing your thing and feeling terrible about it.”

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