Using social media for your business can have great benefits. It allows you to get your name out there, be more personable, and give potential clients an inside look at your process, among other things.

However, using social media and using social media effectively are two completely different things.

You treat an account for your freelance business different than you would a personal account, both with what you post and how you word it.

You want to make sure to appear polite and professional but still fun and engaging.

With so many different social media outlets, it can be hard to know how to use each one in order to grow your business.

Fortunately, Creative Live has put together a great guide that give some insight as to how you should use each of the major social media outlets.


So the ol’ Facebook should be a no-brainer at this point. But let me just say: You MUST have a brand page. Yes, this is different than the personal page people wish you a happy birthday on.

A brand page gives you helpful insights like how your posts are performing and what your audience demographic really is. It also lets you do something magical: Schedule your posts!

Let’s take things one step further even. You know you should should be using Facebook as a place to communicate what you’re working on, to show off photos of your latest project, and interact with your audience. But here’s a challenge: Why not also use it as a resource for other makers?

For example, maybe every so often post an interesting article about your industry. Or brag about the work of one of your favorite peers. The possibilities are endless, really. Use Facebook to talk about your brand, but consider also using it to educate about your field.”

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