I’m just going to dive right into it on this one. David Tendrich has written an AMAZING article that explains why your portfolio site sucks, and in turn isn’t getting you the amount of clients it should. The best part? He provides in depth solutions on how you can fix the problem.

After reading the article, I came to a somewhat sad realization: my portfolio site sucks too. Sure, I like the design of my site. Sure, my work is displayed nicely; I even have several calls to action. But after reading David’s article, I realized that my site does a great job at explaining what I do, but it fails miserably at explaining how I do it.

If you do logo design, chances are you’re not alone. There are thousands of designers out there who also do logo design. So, what makes you different? How you do logo design.

“Your home page creates a splash and conveys your core brand message. Your main “services” page lists each of your services with a 1-2 sentence description that links to the individual services pages. Your individual services pages discuss how you perform each of those services, how they helps clients solve their problems, and what makes you different.

The “Portfolio” page seems pretty self-explanatory, but the rest of this blog is dedicated to how to organize one, because aside from your home page, it’ll be your most visited page.

“About” isn’t your bio or resume. It’s your “hero tale” – how you discovered design, how you help clients, why you do what you do. It still needs to sell, so the facts of your life / story that you reveal need to tie back into how they help you solve your clients’ problems.

Again, “Contact” seems straightforward, but it can be tricky to do it right. Just keep these words in mind though and you’ll do alright: approachable, approachable, approachable. Make reaching out to you feel natural, fun, and easy.”

Be sure to read David’s full article at Creative Market.