Having an online presence nowadays is an absolute necessity; and social media is a very quick and personable way to do that. When marketing yourself on social media, it’s extremely important that you appear professional.

Having a cover photo or profile picture that cuts off information definitely does not look professional. It’s a mistake that is easily avoidable, yet I see businesses do it all the time.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to Google “[insert social media of your choice] cover image size” just to make sure i’m designing for the right size. However, I won’t have to do that anymore and you don’t either.

The folks over at Inc. have put together an amazing cheat sheet that details the varying image sizes for all of the major social media outlets. This is definitely something you want to bookmark, or better yet print it out and post it on your wall (literally).

Check out the ultimate social media cheat sheet at Inc.