Several large companies often do quarterly reviews of themselves and their employees. This usually involves your boss looking at your performance, seeing what you do well, and looking at what needs to be improved upon.

As freelancers, we are our own bosses, so we always know how well we’re doing and what we need to improve on. Right? Wrong.

Conducting your own personal quarterly review is a great way to gauge how well you’re actually doing. By writing down goals for the quarter ahead, you give yourself the option to reflect back upon those goals at the end of the quarter. You can look at what went well, what didn’t, what you would do different, what you need to let go of, etc.

Personal quarterly reviews are something that all freelancers need to be doing.

But exactly how do you go about conducting a quarterly review of yourself? That’s where Jake Jorgovan’s fantastic article comes in handy.

Jake offers some great advice and a framework for how you can conduct a quarterly review.

“How to conduct a quarterly personal review

The format is simple, answer these 7 questions. Sit down with an open document or a notepad and write out your answers to these questions.

The act of doing it could change your life.

  1. Review your last quarter goals
  2. What went well last quarter?
  3. What didn’t go well last quarter?
  4. If I could do this quarter over again, what would I do better?
  5. What commitments do I have and are there any that I need to get rid of?
  6. What are my goals for the upcoming quarter?
  7. Where do I want to be when the quarter is over?”

Definitely check out the entire article on Jake’s blog here.