Working from the comfort of your own home can be great! Studies have shown that people who work from home tend to get more done.

But how can you stay motivated when there are so many distractions?

Whenever I start to feel my brain shut down, I have a few apps that work well to jumpstart my creativity again. The first is an app called Lumosity. It’s a really fun app that trains your brain though small games. I have the free version on my iPad. It only allows me to play three games per day, which takes around 10-15 minutes. It’s perfect because I get a fun break, but my brain is still active.

Another app I like to use is called RescueTime. It tracks how you spend your time when using your computer, and gives you a productivity score daily. You can set goals, see exactly how much time your wasting, and even block specific sites during certain time frames (paid version only.) It’s fantastic and really allows me to see how I spend my time.

Crunch offers some great advice on using apps to stay motivated while working from home.

“A few apps to keep you going

A lot of us might listen to music to avoid sitting and working in silence. While there are merits to that, music (especially with lyrics) can be distracting to some and could lead to lost time idly browsing Spotify. So, what’s the solution?

There is an app called Coffitivity. It’s a simple idea: you switch it on and you’re greeted with a recording of a coffee shop (there’s a few choices of real cafes as well). Not too loud as to be distracting, but not too quiet to make it pointless. It can add a bit of a buzz to your home, although it will give you a bigger urge to drink coffee than you’re already likely to have. It’s backed up by science too.

Another massive distraction are websites like Facebook and Twitter. They can be huge time sinks not because we spend hours at a time on them, but because we check them in little bursts so often. They can really interrupt your workflow and so it’s worth finding a way to shut them down.

Site blockers like Stayfocusd for Chrome and Mindful Browsing for Safari allow you to block distracting websites. This means that when you’re in the middle of work if you try to access a site you’ve turned off, like Facebook, you’ll be unable to do so. Of course there’s nothing to stop you from disabling the extension, but that extra barrier should work as a deterrent when the only thing on the other side is your friend’s update about their stupid baby.

In the end, it’s about ignoring a lot of the things that make your home a home. There’s positives and negatives to working where you live, and this is one of the big ones. To some, working from home comes naturally – for others it’s a real struggle. All it takes is a little self-control.”

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