Freelancers hear a lot of bad advice. Much of that bad advice comes from those are do not freelance and know little about what is actually involved with freelancing.

While most of us just ignore the bad advice, could we actually gain something from it? Is it possible that there’s a bit of good advice hidden among the bad?

Freelancers Union points out 5 common bits of bad advice freelancers often hear, and shows us how you can see the good in it.

“3. ‘That’s never worked for me, so….’

Okay, so freelancing never worked for Uncle Milton.

… You’re not Uncle Milton.

When people tell you they never experienced success when doing X, it means… they didn’t experience success. It’s not necessarily their fault, sometimes that happens. But it doesn’t mean you won’t.

You’re operating in a different time and place than the advice-giver. You’re a different person with your own skills, who may jump at different opportunities. When well-meaning friends or family tell you what DIDN’T work from them, do ask them what they might have done differently if they could go back in time.

Try to learn from their mistakes. But don’t take their experiences as an excuse not to strive for your own dreams.”

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