Running a freelance business isn’t easy. Many of us learn as we go. If we make a mistake, we look at what went wrong and then figure out what we can still gain from it.

Some mistakes we make are specific to us, our business, or both.

However, there are a few mistakes that are quite common among freelancers.

Freelancers Union shows us three common mistakes that you should avoid as you grow your freelance business.

Lack of a concept. I’m not talking about five-year plans, projections, or other doorstop-sized documents (although you may eventually need these). I mean a business idea that can be written on a napkin.

Here’s mine: Provide exceptional content to clients who won’t compromise on quality. These ten words direct everything I do. Provide:  I provide copy — I don’t necessarily write it. This makes my business scalable and gives me the capability to handle large projects.”

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