Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been freelancing for a while, you’re almost always looking to grow your business. The approach you take might differ based on your experience, but the end goal is always the same: growth.

Those who are seasoned freelancers most likely have proven techniques to find clients, but are always open to try something new. Others who are just beginning usually start out making the same mistakes.

As Paul Jarvis very accurately puts it…

“Most freelancers start out their business like this:

  1. They get great at what they do.
  2. They build a website that talks about their expertise
  3. They set up their social media profiles and start promoting at people.
  4. They wait for clients to come to them.”

The method of starting out is extremely common, and unfortunately, I was guilty of doing this myself when I first began.

However, simply putting your work out there for people to stumble upon probably won’t get you much business.

So what will?

Paul offers us this advice.

Start by getting into the head of the people you want to get hired by.

“Make a list of people that have hired freelancers that use the same skills as you have and have recently hired for it. Send them a quick email to see if you can ask them for their advice.

Can’t figure out who to ask? Look at successful freelancer’s websites and go to their client list. That’s a whole whack of folks that have hired someone to do what you do. You aren’t trying to steal anyone’s clients, you’re just want to ask them a couple questions.

Questions to ask them:

  • Why did they hire the specific freelancer they hired?
  • How’d they find out that freelancer they hired?
  • What problems where they having that lead them to hiring a freelancer?
  • What are the results they expected from hiring a freelancer

People are keen to be seen as experts with advice, and more likely to reply than if you cold-contact them to hire you.”

Paul continues on in great detail about how you can find clients and grow your business, regardless of if you’re new to freelancing or a seasoned veteran. With 8 great tips and lots of examples, this is definitely a post you need to read.

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