Your office is where you’ll spend a lot of time freelancing so it’d make sense that it should be carefully crafted to boost creativity as much as possible.

The reality is though that many freelancers’ offices hinder creativity, not encourage it.

Luckily, FreshBooks has a few great tips that will help you craft a better office space and crank out work like you never have before.

“Focus on Productivity – Not Comfort

In the world of Pinterest and Instagram, everyone wants a home office that photographs well and highlights their impeccable taste. While you should enjoy being in your home office, remember to keep your focus on productivity.

Avoid the common trap of creating a comfortable place to spend your time. Comfort is important when it comes to back support, but a bean bag chair in the corner or an unnecessary TV for “breaks” may push the limits. You don’t want to turn your home office into a relaxation room.

Keeping focused on productivity throughout the design process will help guide your design decisions and purchases. Your money is better spent buying the equipment and technology you need to conduct business than creating a comfortable cave.”

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