As a designer, I absolutely love great branding and beautiful style guides that go along with it.

However, having a style guide should not be limited to just designers.

A brand identity style guide is necessary for any business that wants to maintain and cohesive image and message.

Just Creative has put together an awesome article that will help you understand the importance of having a style guide and will guide you through the process of creating your own.

“The style guide is essentially the one document that lists all the vital information needed to create any kind of asset for your business; be it a website, a report, advertisement, having this document will make everything faster and easier to create. Well, if it is so useful then how come not all business have it? Yes, although they make your life a breeze after it’s created, making the document takes a lot of effort and time, something that most businesses lack nowadays.

Then again, if you think about all the time one would spend explaining to a designer the exact space and color needed for the logo design on every document, or maintaining the same font when multiple people have the responsibility to create documents and when your business is thriving, you’d hire more designers that just more time explaining everything, every time to all.

Another important reason is that over the years, your brand logo might undergo a change and you would want the updated logo, if any, to go all documents issued thereon. An up-to-date styleguide would be the Bible or Encyclopedia everyone would look to for answers for any change in font, logo and other essentials.

To create a styleguide for your business takes effort, but in the long-run, it is definitely worth it. Here are the main style guide essentials…”

Check out the essentials at Just Creative.