If you’re new to freelancing, chances are that you find yourself asking a lot of questions.

Asking questions can be easy, but find the answers to those questions can be somewhat difficult.

However, the longer you freelance and more you become involved with freelance communities, you’ll find answers to many of those questions you were wondering when you first started freelancing.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you had the answers to those questions at the beginning? Wouldn’t it have saved you so much time if you knew to never work without a contract? Or if you realized that clients won’t magically come to you and you need to get out there and land them?

Well, today is your lucky day. Just Creative takes a look at some of the most common questions new freelancers ask and provides amazing answers that can help you hit the ground running.

“Question 2: How do I find freelance work?

In the beginning, finding freelance work can be a daunting task. Everyone seems to be talking about freelance opportunities, but where does one find them? There are four ways to go about it:

  • Freelancing websites: Many websites have sprung up to bridge the gap between client and freelancer. Upwork, Toptal and Freelancerare the top websites you should check out to score gigs.
  • Networking: Use social media and LinkedIn to tell people you are in the business. Having a strong network makes it easier to find gigs. Many a time a friend who knows someone who knows someone is looking for someone with your exact capabilities! Market yourself in a way that you metaphorically have a giant neon ‘I’m available for hire’ sign over your head.
  • Research: Comb through the internet for top companies in your field. If you want to work with them, send them an email (or a Facebook message) asking if they require any freelancers at the moment. It may sound like a bit of a reach but as they say, if you never try, you will never know.
  • Job search engines: Your generic job search portals focus on full time employees, but you can try convincing the employers that you can get that they same work value done for a cheaper rate.”

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