Building a strong freelance brand does not happen overnight.

It will take lots of hard work, dedication, and determination. If it feels like I’m also talking about building your freelance business, that’s because I am.

Your freelance business and your brand are one in the same. You can not have a strong business without a strong brand and you can not have a strong brand without a strong business.

Many freelancers get hung up on figuring out what their brand is and in turn, their business suffers.

Luckily, discovering the direction of your freelance brand is easier than you may think. All it takes is a little inward reflection.

“Your Personality is Your Brand

The first step in the process is defining the unique personality of your brand.

This goes for all businesses, but when you’re a freelancer, guess who’s personality you get to use? That’s right, it’s one of those rare occasions when your business can be unabashedly all about YOU. After all, you are the brand, so to present a false front to the world would be unnatural, and ultimately very difficult to keep going.

Here’s my quick process to defining the personality my brand’s going to adopt. On a piece of paper, write down three positive adjectives that:

• you think describe you.

• you want your clients to use to describe you.

Now it’s gut-check time.

Just because you think these words describe you, doesn’t mean other people will agree. So, gather a few of your closest friends that you can trust to be completely honest with you. Ask them to do the same activity, giving you three descriptive adjectives based on the personal brand they feel describes your freelance business.

After that, show them your words, compare, and see if they agree. If they also used similar words to describe your freelance personal brand, then you’re already on the right track. If not, it’s time to take a hard look at the forward-facing image you’re currently giving off, and get feedback on how you can better align yourself with your three adjectives.

These three words will be instrumental in determining all of your personal branding efforts, so it’s important to get them right.”

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