Starting a side hustle has been talked about a lot already in 2016—with good reason.

A side hustle can help you earn extra income while expanding your skill set and portfolio.

A lot of freelancers tend to set aside specific hours to focus only on their side hustle, which is fantastic!

However, like it is with anything, there are always going to be a ton of distractions.

That’s why it’s best to take any action you can to reduce those distractions and stay focused, allowing you get develop your side hustle quicker.

One of the most common distractions is (not surprisingly) social media. While it can be a great tool to land new clients, it can be devastating to your productivity.

“#4: Limit (actually eliminate) social media distractions

In a recent post on the SITS girl site, Kristi wrote a great blog post about how to increase productivity and stay focused on your tasks, which is a perfect fit for this post 😉

One of the tips she shared resonated a lot with me: limit your social media when you’re trying to work.

Case in point… right now, as I’m writing this, I’ve been distracted…

Ah Lise, what are you doing? [oops, I was checking Instagram and Snapchat!]

The key is to ensure that you turn off your notifications or remove your devices where you’ll see social media ‘pop up’… for me, that means I need to put my iPhone face down, close my iPad and close all social media tabs on my computer.

We are connected all the time, if you want to stay laser focused while working on your side hustle, you need to be vigilant and remove any potential distractions (that you can) so you can just get shiz done!

You can catch Kristi’s full article here.”

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