It can be a real pain at times to try and get clients to respond to an email.

I’ve had clients who I send multiple emails, texts, and calls to and all I get back is silence.

However, chances are it probably isn’t all the clients fault. Sure, they ball is technically in their court, but there are several tactics that you can use to help them respond a little quicker.

One of my favorites is to be short and to the point while trying to put as much basic information in the subject line as possible.

“2. Be brief

Long pitches are a trial for most decision-makers; they’re often fielding multiple requests a day. They skim, rather than reading in depth. They want to know exactly what you’re offering… and fast.

Make sure that your pitch doesn’t end up categorized as a tl;dr. Keep content brief and to the point, and focused around the fundamental questions:

Who are you?
What are you offering / contacting them about?
Why is it important / unique?


How can they continue the conversation (contact information, your details, next steps, etc.)?

Add just enough information to whet their appetite; opt for quality instead of quantity when including samples. If you’re emailing, try to avoid attachments (they tend to set off Spam filters). If you can, hyperlink to any extra information (like a larger portfolio or website) or offer to provide more details in a longer conversation. Remember that a pitch is just the bait. It may take patience to reel in a potential client.”

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