Starting a blog can be an amazing way to grow your freelance business.

Not only can a blog position yourself as a valuable player in your field, it can also give clients an inside look at your process and gives you a chance to display why you’re great at what you do.

On top of that, a blog can become a great form of passive income.

But how exactly do you start making real money from your blog?

There are actually several different ways that you can make money from a blog and it’s extremely important to look at each option in the very beginning and build your blog from there. Failure to do this first could end up limiting your options down the road and cost you a lot of potential money.

“How to Monetize Your Blog or Podcast

Before you ever build a website or publish a blog post (or podcast episode), you should decide what you will sell to your customers. You have five options:

  1. Services – this is what freelancers, coaches, consultants, web designers, and speakers sell. These entrepreneurs use their skills to perform a service for a client.
  2. Information – this is what people sell when they make ebooks, books, courses, webinars, audio programs and more. These entrepreneurs sell their knowledge and expertise by making a product that allows their customers to learn what they know.
  3. Physical things – this is what people sell when they make art, watches, computers, furniture, food, and everything else in the physical world. These entrepreneurs use their skills and knowledge to make a physical thing that their customers will take home with them.
  4. Software – this is what bootstrappers and Silicon Valley startups alike make. These entrepreneurs turn code into tools and platforms their customers can use to be more efficient with their time or have more enjoyable lives.
  5. Eyeballs (or earholes) – yes, eyeballs and earholes are the “product” when a business makes its money from advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or other similar arrangement. These entrepeneurs create content that attracts as big of an audience as possible and then they sell access to that audience.”

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