Growing your business is something that all freelancers should constantly strive to do.

However, the majority of the time growing a business is looked at in too simple of terms. You might tell yourself you will grow your business by finding more clients, for example.

That’s great, but how exactly are you going to find more clients? What steps are you taking to help you land more clients? What do you have in place to ensure you’re taking those steps?

If you’re serious about growing your freelance business, then you want to think about starting check-ins.

“Schedule check-ins

If you were a conventional employee at a conventional business, odds are you’d occasionally be subject to a review. You’d be called into the boss’ office for an awkward sit-down, and sweat through an analysis of your progress and missteps throughout the year. It’s an often uncomfortable (and occasionally unfair) process, but it’s a way to mark regular growth.

The nice thing about being your own boss is that your review process needn’t be onerous! Open up your online calendar (or flip through your physical planner). Make unshakeable plans with yourself about when, how, and where you’ll conduct reviews: I like doing it quarterly, but pick whatever schedule works for you.

When it comes time to do the self-review, pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee. Sit down in a relaxing, quiet environment – and give yourself an honest evaluation. “Honest” needn’t mean “uncompassionate.” What did you do especially well? What benchmarks did you hit? What can you continue working on?”

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