Time is an extremely valuable commodity.

Wasted time often means lost income.

That’s why it’s so important for freelancers to work hard at mastering productivity and optimizing time.

Unfortunately for freelancers, a million little things can get in the way of your work and your business so it’s crucial that you have a system in place.

“Have a system for prioritizing work and home activities

Prevent work from crowding out your personal life by creating a simple system for prioritizing work and home activities. Your system will help keep priorities in perspective, so that you will know immediately whether or not you can accept a new job without sacrificing family time or your social life.

My personal preference is for a simple worksheet that I use for prioritizing using the letters LWB1, LWB2, LWB3 and LWB4.  LWB stands for Life/Work Balance and is a constant reminder that life/work balance matters – so that I don’t become too focused on work! I actually plan for family events and social activities.”

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