When you start freelancing, you might find that you’re not as busy as you thought you’d be.

I know that when I first started, I just expected the clients to start rolling in from out of nowhere. When they didn’t, I was extremely glad that I didn’t go out and spend thousands of dollars that I didn’t have anticipating all of the “new clients.”

Unfortunately, many freelancers spend much more than they should when, in reality, they need top be frugal with their money—especially in the beginning.

The truth is, freelancing is just as much about saving money as it is about making it. There will be slow months, you’ll have clients disappear, and the unexpected will always happen.

That’s why it’s important to constantly look at how you can reduce your freelance costs.

Bidsketch has put together a fantastic list of tips that can help you do just that and one of the biggest places you can save money is in your office costs.

“3. Cut Office Costs

Most office equipment can be bought refurbished or reconditioned much more cheaply than new. For example, use recycled printer cartridges – they’re much cheaper than branded ones. Office Depot offers own-brand refilled cartridges that are guaranteed (and don’t void your printer’s guarantee either).

Another easy way to save costs is to go digital rather than printing out every document. More and more of us do this as a matter of course, teamed with digital data backup either on a removable hard drive or cloud-based storage solutions like Evernote,Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud.

Trust me – it will save you on those expensive ink cartridges, paper, and your own torn-out hair trying to fix a jammed printer.”

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